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Interactive Developer docs are out 🚀

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Shared by Nadia • February 28, 2023

The latest version of our Developer docs are here and we think you'll love them.

✨What’s new?

Versions 2.7, 2.8, & Unstable of Intercom Developer docs are now auto-generated from our Open API spec.

  • The docs are interactive: you can make API calls directly from the reference docs.
  • The docs are more reliable: reference docs are now auto-generated and not hand-written.

👉 Get started using our new API reference docs.


The details teammates need to resolve a ticket are now front and centre!

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Shared by Nadine • February 23, 2023

All tickets now have title and description fields that are clearly surfaced while viewing a ticket in the inbox.

  • Teammates will be prompted to add an optional title and description when creating a ticket.
  • You can search by title and description in the inbox.
  • By default the title and description of your tickets are not visible to your customers.
  • But if you have the “Manage workspace data" permission you can visit
    Settings > Company data > Ticket types and change this setting.
Feature update

Articles improvements

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Shared by Lorenzo • February 09, 2023

We've made several important improvements to the Articles editing experience, to help you create self-service content efficiently.

  • Auto-save articles: your articles will now auto-save while you're writing.
  • Resize images: now you can resize images directly in the Articles editor.
  • Highlight content with call-out blocks: add call-out block to emphasize an important part of your article.
  • Align text: adapt the appearance of your articles text with the new text alignment feature.
  • More headers: we have added two new H3 and H4 headers levels to help you create more granular sections.
  • Attach files: attach any documents or files you want to your articles to help educate your customers.
  • Embed videos from more sources: you can now embed videos from JWPlayers, Microsoft Stream, BrightCove, Synthesia.

New feature

Sync Articles with Zendesk

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Shared by Lorenzo • February 07, 2023

Introducing our new Sync Articles with Zendesk feature, which allows you to seamlessly connect your Zendesk Guide Help Center with Intercom.

No more searching through different platforms or sending customers back and forth for information.
Synced articles can be used to power*:

  • The Messenger: browse articles, search articles and article suggestions
  • Resolution Bot, Custom Bots and Task Bots
  • The Inbox and Next-Gen Inbox

To learn more about this feature and how to set it up, check out this Intercom article.

*If included in your plan.

Feature update

Add additional information to tickets with attachments

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Shared by Zoe • February 06, 2023

You can now upload and view files associated with a ticket in the Inbox. Uploaded files are visible to other teammates, but cannot be seen by the customer whom the ticket is about.

To enable this feature, just add a File Upload attribute to any Ticket Type you’re using through the Ticket Type settings page.

All common file formats are supported. Learn more here.

Coming next 👀

Allow your customers to add file attachments when they submit a ticket through the Messenger. Sign up to get notified when this is available.

Apps & API

Manage News Items and feeds on API 2.8 🚀

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Shared by Daniel • January 26, 2023

The latest version of our API is now available.

We've added:

  • Team priority levels to the Admin model.
  • Admin priority levels to the Team model.
  • Webhook topics that fire when an open conversation is assigned.

Learn more about the API updates here.

👉 Get started using API v2.8.

Outbound Messaging
New product

Turn signups into superusers faster than ever with Checklists

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Shared by Zoe • January 25, 2023

Effortlessly onboard new users to your product and help them discover value as quickly as possible with personalized, in-context Checklists.

  • Drive action: Automatically guide users to take key actions and hit activation milestones to deliver greater customer adoption, retention and satisfaction for your product.
  • Delivered in-context: Make it easy for users to discover and complete the actions they need to take with Checklists delivered directly in your product through the Messenger
  • No-code setup: Design and build delightful Checklists in minutes with our codeless builder

Plus integrate your existing help content, optimize with A/B testing, and mazimize completion rates with smart automation. Find out more here.


Better manage team workload with Teammate Configurations

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Shared by Nadine • January 24, 2023

We've made improvements to Workload Management to give support teams greater control over how you assign conversations.

Teammate configurations

You'll see a new "Teammates" tab in Workload Management settings to customize workload per teammate. You can:

  • Quickly audit and change teammates membership in team inboxes from one central page.
  • Set different assignment limits for individual teammates that fits with their experience and expertise.
  • Prioritize inboxes by defining primary and secondary team inboxes for every teammate. Teammates will receive conversations from their secondary inboxes once their primary inbox is empty.

Pull a conversation into the inbox

You can also control whether teammates can self-assign conversations when they've cleared their inboxes.

When enabled, teammates can click the “Pull conversation” button in the inbox to assign a new conversation to themselves.

Read more about workload management here.


Automatic away mode

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Shared by Nadine • January 24, 2023

Are teammates forgetting to change their status to away by the end of their shift? No problem! Turn on Automatic Away Mode to ensure teammates' status changes to away or away & reassign after a defined duration of inactivity.

In addition, to better match with their shift schedule, teammates who belong to multiple workspaces can now configure their away status, conversation reassignment and away status reasons independently per-workspace.

Learn more here.

Feature update
Outbound Messaging

Updates to Email Templates

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Shared by Sapna • January 20, 2023

Create and select customized templates with ease with our latest email template updates. 🎉

You'll be able to:

  • Preview templates to select the right one when creating emails.
  • Duplicate custom templates to save time when creating templates.
  • Add more customizations to your emails with the ability to change layout background color, padding, and corner radius.

Learn more in this help article.