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The only AI customer
service solution you need

Resolve issues faster and boost customer satisfaction—all while reducing team workload—with the only customer service solution you'll ever need.

Speed and scale like never before with automated customer service

Free your team from repetitive questions using automated chatbots. Maximize team efficiency with AI-powered tools.

textMake customers happier with instant resolutions
textLower your costs with more efficient support teams
textScale support without sacrificing customer experience
  • Resolution Bot
    Resolution Bot
    Immediately resolve common questions with AI chatbots.
  • Custom bots
    Custom bots
    Collect customer info and speed up resolutions with easy-to-build, no-code custom chatbots.
  • Conversation topics
    Conversation topics
    Better understand your customers with AI-powered analysis of support conversations.
  • AI-powered Inbox
    AI-powered Inbox
    Use GPT-powered tools to instantly generate replies, recap conversations for other agents, and create new help articles.
  • Article suggestions
    Immediately recommend helpful content with machine learning—directly in your product.
    Automated workflows
    Ditch manual workflows like ticket routing and conversation follow-ups.
  • Inbox

    Maximize team productivity with the world's fastest shared Inbox

    Our AI-enhanced Inbox is lightning fast, easy-to-use, and optimized for efficiency—with everything a modern support team needs.

    textFaster customer resolutions
    textPrevent team burnout
    textLower your costs
  • Ticketing
    Easily collaborate with colleagues to quickly solve complex problems, as well as allow customers to track progress in real time.
  • Configurable
    Change language, turn on dark mode, save custom views, and more.
    See all your support conversations in one place.
  • Multiplayer
    Collaborate efficiently with teammates in real time thanks to co-presence indicators, notes, and @mentions.
  • Lightning fast
    Lightning fast
    Win time back with powerful macros, nonexistent load times, and simple shortcuts that put your entire Inbox a Cmd+K away.
  • Team management
    Team management
    Get more done by optimizing operations with live dashboards, reporting, work management tools, and more.
  • Proactive Support

    澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播+开奖结果直播视频 Get ahead of known issues and slash support volume

    Resolve customer issues before they contact you. Our proactive support tools cut down contact rates while boosting customer satisfaction.

    textReduce inbound volume
    textIncrease CSAT
    textNo engineering resources needed
  • Help Center
    Help Center
    Let customers search and browse support articles directly in your product and on the web.
  • Checklists
    Onboard customers without taking time from your team thanks to contextual and personalized task lists.
  • Banners
    Inform specific customers of planned changes, events, or service interruptions.
  • Tooltips
    Add help content directly into your product without engineering resources using our no-code UI.
    Outbound Messages
    Automatically trigger an in-app chat, email, or SMS message when a customer needs help.
  • Product Tours
    Product Tours
    Drive adoption of new features and deepen customer engagement with guided experiences.
  • Messenger and Omnichannel

    Deliver conversational support where it works best for your customers

    Our Messenger supports customers when it's most effective—the moment they need help in your product. And with email, SMS, and more, they can also pick whatever channel works best.

    textDeliver support at the exact right moment
    textGive your customers more flexibility and control over support channels
    textA seamless, beautiful customer experience
  • Customizable Messenger
    Customizable Messenger
    It's your Messenger—so have it match your brand with infinite design options.
  • Configurable experiences
    Configurable experiences
    Show and hide different content, features—even entire Spaces—to create bespoke Messenger experiences.
  • Mobile
    Bring the Messenger to your mobile app with powerful iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Omnichannel messaging
    Omnichannel messaging
    Support customers using their preferred channel—whether that’s email, SMS, social, or more.
  • Phone
    Centralize your phone support using our integrations (with more coming soon).
  • Switch
    Reduce phone wait times by letting customers switch to messaging mid-call.
  • Platform

    A single, powerful, easy-to-use platform

    Get all your automation, conversations, tickets, customer data, and reporting working together seamlessly. Maximize team performance by connecting all your other tools to our platform.

    textMaximize team performance with actionable insights
    textStop switching between tools and speed up workflows
    textSee all your data in one place
  • Reporting
    Understand and improve the performance of your bots and team with flexible and customizable reports.
  • Customer data
    Customer data
    View, segment, and filter all your customer data—and model it however works best for your business.
  • Behavioral data
    Behavioral data
    Craft the best customer support experiences using a complete picture of past actions.
  • Custom Actions
    Custom Actions
    Power bots and workflows with live customer data stored in other tools—no engineering resources required.
  • Apps and integrations
    Apps and integrations
    Get all your tools working as one—and add more to existing workflows—with 300+ apps.
  • APIs and webhooks
    APIs and webhooks
    Configure Intercom to work best for you with our easy-to-use APIs and webhooks.
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